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Family Law

Committed to Assisting Our Clients Through a Difficult Time

At the Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW, we are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional legal counsel and protecting our clients’ interests.  We offer experienced family law legal advice and representation and consider every client’s unique needs to ensure their interests are advocated for. With over 15 years of legal experience representing individuals and families, we believe you are looking for not just a strong advocate but also a compassionate person to support you in this difficult time.

The Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW strives to offer you practical, cost-efficient advice and legal counsel dedicated to achieving the result you desire. Through every step of the legal process, we will work closely with you to shape a strategy for your case according to your needs. If you are looking for an accomplished advocate and negotiator so you achieve a successful outcome, we’ll be there for you. If you require an accomplished litigator so your voice in court, the Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW’s legal team includes private investigators, financial experts, and child psychologists to cover all your needs.

Divorce Cases:

Maybe you’re looking to know what your legal rights are or legal advice regarding your marriage. However, if you’re about to go through the process of ending a marriage – whether you’re the spouse contemplating filing for divorce or have just been served with divorce lawsuit, you’ll be undertaking one of the most challenging periods of your life. The Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW will ensure that you don’t have to go through the divorce process alone. We will guide you through the legal process and fight for your family through every step with compassion, understanding, and diligence.

Whether you and your spouse come to an agreed settlement through negotiation or mediation; Whether you and your spouse have few assets or a high-value community estate; whether you and your spouse have children together or have no children; the legal process of divorce can be arduous without the assistance of legal counsel. The Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW will protect your interests provide you affective, cost effective legal advice.

Child Custody Cases:

Access & Possession and child support of are often the most litigated aspect of any divorce. The courts decide child custody in the child’s best interests but consider a wide variety of factors that guide their decisions. Without having an experienced family law attorney to guide a party through the legal process and advocate on their behalf in court, mistakes and often do get made. At the Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW, we understand how valuable your children and their future are to you. We offer effective, cost effective legal advice and advocacy throughout the divorce process so your rights a parent and the best interests of your child, and are protected.

Alimony Cases:

Alimony payments are not always included in every divorce decree and the State of Texas has specific elements that need to be proved for one party to receive alimony following a divorce. The determination to award alimony payments is mainly based on presenting specific evidence and facts to the court to the Court. The party requesting alimony in a divorce should always be represented by an experienced family law attorney who can advocate on their behalf.  The Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW has the experienced and legal knowledge resolve any legal issue relating to alimony.


The Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW represent parents, guardians and interested family members with legal issues related to legal issues involving the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (aka DFPS; formerly known as CPS).   We handle investigations and administrative findings by DFPS; adoptions; interventions by grandparents, uncles/aunts, and others; the placement of children; and juvenile services. Whether you’re a parent, guardian, ex-wife or ex-husband, partner, grandparent or a relative; The Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW will provide quality legal guidance and strongly advocate for the behalf your family and your loved ones.

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