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Personal Injury Law

Ensuring Fair Compensation

With the Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW by your side, we’ll fight on your behalf for injuries, whether they be physical or financial, caused by the negligence or intentional conduct of others. We will help you at each step as you file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against insurances companies, negligent businesses, or guilty persons.

Since 2010, the Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW has specialized in handling significant personal injury claims and lawsuits.  We currently represent people who were seriously injured due to the careless conduct of others. Many clients of our clients include victims injured in motorcycle accidents, automobile accidents, bicycle accidents, and eighteen (18) wheeler accidents.  Most people believe such claims and lawsuits will be straightforward and don’t require professional help, however, you should always seek legal advice and advice from an attorney. The Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW will work to ensure that our clients will accomplish the best possible result – whether that result is achieved in a settlement or fought for in court.

The Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW has an experienced team who can handle any type of insurance claim or personal injury case. We routinely work with insurance companies, insurance adjusters, subrogation interests, and medical providers to get the job done for our clients.  If a settlement cannot be reached in your claim, we will fight in court for your right to be compensated for the injuries you have suffered.

No one chooses to be the victim and to endure personal injuries, to suffer financial damages to lose a job, to spend hard-earned money or go bankrupt because medical bills, to physically suffer or be physically incapacitated because of the negligent or intentional conduct of someone else. However, if you end up in such an unfortunate situation, the Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW has the knowledge and experience to help you. The following is a list of the type of personal injury cases that our we routinely handle:

At the Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW, we have the legal staff to provide you the attention you deserve as a client and attorney who will guide you through personal injury claim process and stand beside you every step of the way if you have to litigate your case in court. Whether you contact us or another law firm, make sure you talk to an attorney so you will know what your rights are.

Contact us and schedule your consultation at SMB Law anytime to learn how we help you get what you deserve.

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