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People often find themselves in legal situations they often never predict they would be in. They find themselves fighting to protect their rights, their family, their business, or their property, and their property. Unfortunately, handling legal complications with little legal knowledge or resources is quite an overwhelming task. That is why Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW has made its mission to fight on behalf of victims and offer them the capable legal counsel. We have a track record of winning a wide range of cases. So, whether you are filing a divorce, recovering from an injury caused by the negligence of someone else, enduring a contract dispute, or stuck in the netherworld of cryptocurrency regulations, the legal team at the Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg has the resources and experience to fight for you.

Personal Injury Law

If another person’s carelessness has injured you, you could be entitled to compensation. Trust the Law Office of Shane B. Boasberg – SMB Law to be your advocate & guide and help you at each step as you file a personal injury claim or lawsuit. We have a team of qualified staff who currently represent individuals who were either killed or seriously injured due to the careless conduct of others, resulting in significant monetary recoveries.

Family Law

At SMB LAW – Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg, we offer experienced family legal advice and representation. We consider every client’s unique needs to ensure they are appropriately represented for their legal matters about family issues. We offer our clients exceptional legal counsel, protect their interests, and preserve confidentiality. We handle:

Cryptocurrency Law

SMB LAW – Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg specializes in multiple crypto-related lawsuits. Our services include cryptocurrencies, digital currency, and business law. If you are considering hiring an attorney experienced in cryptocurrency and blockchain legal matters, schedule a consultation with Law Offices of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB LAW and get guidance concerning litigation, token offerings, money transmission, and more.

Business and Real Estate Law

The Law Office of Shane M. Boasberg – SMB has a competent staff of professionals of who can provide you with a wide array of options to resolve and property or business disputes you may be having. So whether your matter is related to a five-thousand dollar dispute in a county court or a multi-million dollar matter in the United States Supreme Court, we will work to get you across the goaline.

Our team of team will assist you with skill and confidence in the following matters: